Supernova SN2003dw Discovered April 26, 2003

Image courtesy of Doug Rich

Image courtesy of Doug Rich

Discovery overview

Discovering party: Doug Rich
Official name: SN2003dw
Category: Supernova
Subcategory: type la
Location: Galaxy UGC10548 in the constellation Draco

Discovery Notes

  • The discovery image was taken with a Meade 12″OTA, Paramount ME mount and ST-9XE camera combination.

Official CBAT report

SUPERNOVA 2003dw IN MCG +10-24-51
     D. Rich, Hampden, ME, reports his discovery of an apparent
supernova (mag about 16.7) on unfiltered CCD frames taken with a
0.31-m reflector on Apr. 26.17 and 28.10 UT.  SN 2003dw is located
at R.A. = 16h45m51s.10, Decl. = +59o37'38".0 (equinox 2000.0),
which is about 11".4 west and 19".0 north of the center of MCG
+10-24-51.  The new object is not visible on the red/blue Palomar
Sky Survey digital images or on CCD frames taken by Rich on 2002
Apr. 5.32 and May 22.24 (limiting mag 18.0).
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